Renewable energy specialist with an innovative approach

Comanos was born from innovative minds with years of experience in employee leasing, interim management and recruitment. By joining forces and striving for new challenges, we created something new.We see ourselves as a signpost for jobs in the field of renewable energies. After all, there are qualified professionals and innovative companies that would complement each other perfectly. And we take up the challenge that both poles find each other. In doing so, we always pursue the goal of paving the way to a successful future.

We are not the typical „recruitment agency next door“. We are experts who focus on renewable energy. We move away from the usual approach and promise satisfaction through specialization.

With us, you won't find a list of job postings or applicants. We prefer to get a picture of your person or your company and mediate individually. Proximity to people as well as communication at eye level are the be-all and end-all for us.

We are different.

We are a passionate team with the necessary expertise and infrastructure to support you in the best possible way according to your needs. We work with heart and dedication and never lose sight of the individual. This is one of the reasons why we stand out from the crowd.

We love appreciation.

We live the same core values all over the world.
We treat our customers, candidates and colleagues as equals. With passion and heart and soul, we take responsibility for achieving success for them and positively changing the world around us.

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Each one writes our resume.

2 decades of industry experience

We pride ourselves on our consistency, open-minded outlook and the dedication of our employees. What drives our success: a shared vision, common values, a focused strategy, openness to new ideas, and a desire to continuously improve and be flexible to enable growth.

Ties that stand the test of time

We value our trusted partnerships and established relationships throughout the renewable energy world. These social and business relationships have stood the test of time because they are of high value to us.

We are first choice

We are not only proud of our positive customer reviews, we build relationships and put our heart and soul into representing our business. We are absolute specialists in our market and remain true to our strengths.

Successfully networked globally

Our strong reputation makes us one of the most sought-after staffing firms in the world. We are determined to become the first point of contact for HR issues at all our locations worldwide.

We take responsibility

We have made it our global commitment to make the world a little bit better. We are active members of industry associations such as APSCo and SIA and regularly support charities such as The Ark, Building Heroes, Mind and Centrepoint.

The search for new employees can be full of uncertainties. With comanos you can be confident that you will experience fast and focused service with us.

Unternehmen, die uns bereits vertrauen.


Bindungen, die auf dem Fundament von Chemie und Vertrauen beruhen.

Ein Arbeitgeber, bei dem Versprechen nicht nur leere Floskeln sind, sondern tatsächlich Umsetzung finden.

Louise Hubrich - Consultant

​comanos ist ein starker Arbeitgeber, der einem das Handwerkszeug und den Raum gibt sich eigenständig zu entwickeln. Ich kann Cobalt nur wärmstens empfehlen.

Anne-Marie Eder - Executive Consultant

comanos ist ein attraktiver Arbeitgeber, der spannende Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten bietet und mich bei meiner fachlichen sowie persönlichen Entwicklung unterstützt.

Nadja Dubey - Director

Bei comanos kann man die Arbeit an sein Leben anpassen und nicht sein Leben an die Arbeit. Für mich das größte Plus!

Lisa Geserich - Project Managerin Digital Marketing

It is time to shape the future.

Your career is a big part of your life. We at comanos know that. That's why our goal is to put you at the top of your game with the best in your industry.

Finding the right talent.

We are ready to introduce you to those you need to grow your team and your business. Tell us who you are looking for and we will find the right personality.