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We promise you nothing less than a future-proof and innovative job. Your satisfaction and further development are our top priority. As specialists in the field of wind energy, we establish contact with lucrative employers and also become active in the field of temporary employment.

The importance of hydropower

Renewable energies are becoming increasingly relevant and are developing into the most important energy sources in Germany. Hydropower is one of them, because it is clean, reliable and cost-effective. Many even describe hydropower as the best renewable energy.
In order to further accelerate progress in this area, more and more companies are desperately looking for qualified personnel. 
And that's where you and your skills come in!

You are part of the change

Innovation and progress are not possible without the right skilled workers. That is why companies are increasingly looking for motivated personnel in the field of renewable energies. But with all the job offers, it is not so easy to make the right choice. That's why we're here to help you find the perfect job. Your job search has never been so easy and yet you are 100% flexible.

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Our experienced team supports you in your search for your dream job. In doing so, we are always focused on the essentials. We see ourselves as companions who create a basis of trust and respond to personal wishes. Uncomplicated, fast and for your further development.

At comanos, integrity and quality mean that we treat applicants just as respectfully as we would like to be treated. This means: We meet you at eye level. This is how a factual resume or job title becomes a personality that can enrich a project, a team or a company. This deep conviction underpins our passion and commitment by taking responsibility for our people and their performance.

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(Senior) Business Relationship Manager (m/w/d)*


(Senior) Business Relationship Manager (m/w/d)*


(Senior) Business Relationship Manager (m/w/d)*


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Was exactly is hydropower?

Hydropower is a regenerative energy source that converts flowing water into electrical current or mechanical rotational energy. A hydroelectric machine is used for the process.

How many skilled workers are needed in hydropower?

Exact figures are not available, but it is estimated that a total of between 200,000 and 220,000 skilled workers are needed in the renewable energy sector.

How future-proof are professions in the field of hydropower?

Hydropower is considered the most proven renewable energy. In Bavaria alone, there are around 4,200 hydropower plants. This speaks for future-proof perspectives in this sector.