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In the last decades, the importance of wind energy has increased significantly and has become one of the most important energy sources in Germany. That is why the German government is pursuing the goal of having all states designate two percent of their land for wind energy. And this goal must be achieved by 2032. 

Solar energy has become one of the most important energy sources in Germany. In recent years, the Republic has even positioned itself as the world leader in the expansion of solar energy. Therefore, an annual capacity expansion of 22 gigawatts is planned in the area of photovoltaics alone. 

Renewables are becoming increasingly relevant and are developing into the most important energy sources in Germany. Hydropower is one of them, because it is clean, reliable and cost-effective. Many even describe hydropower as the best renewable energy.

Hydrogen is often described as the key to the future energy system. The energy carrier will play an even more serious role in the future, especially for the steel and chemical industries, because hydrogen is expected to help reduce CO2 emissions in the industrial, transport and energy sectors.

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